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PBX Membership

PBX Rewards Membership

Get on the list. The rewards are endless

Signing up is simplest and free. In just a few seconds, start earning PBX Rewards

every time you make a purchase at Protein Basix. Just create an account, or login

to your existing account to start earning when you purchase

Earn 1 point for every P1 peso you spend. No limit, as you are spendng you keep


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Spread the word about your favorite protein products and enjoy 2,000 points for every referred purchase.

Your friends will get a 500 points just signing up.

For every friend that makes a purchase (they must click on the referral link below), you receive 2,000 rewards points. Your friends will earn 1 point for every ₱1.00 spend. No limit, as they are spending they earning.


PBX reserves the right to change, cancel or modify the PBX Reward’s Program Terms & Conditions at any time.

PBX Rewards cannot be exchanged for cash or to pay outstanding account balances.

PBX Rewards cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers, discount codes or sale promotions offered on

PBX Rewards are earned on purchases. Payment must be made in full in order for orders to be considered eligible for PBX Rewards points. Points are deducted for returns, cancellation, chargebacks and other reason that may reduce the amount of the order upon with PBX Rewards point issuance is determined. PBX Rewards Points Program was released

PBX Rewards Program

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